Brown Bag Popcorn

How’s the day going?

Oh you want to know how the day is going here? One kid had surgery that cost a ton because of HDHP and ‘Merica, tremendous work stress involving three entirely different projects, unfinished editing for the production company, unfinished book projects, and playing the waiting game on productions coming to streaming platforms.

So forgive us when we want a small treat. And that is brown bag popcorn.

That’s right. This is a recipe blog now. Even has the obligatory non-food related rant above. Deal with it.

– popcorn
– cooking oil/butter/bacon fat/greasy stuff. Did we need to specify COOKING oil? Probably.
– Sea/Table Salt. That’s right, don’t use the salt intended for your walkways that you have leftover from the mild winter. JUST DON’T.
– Paper Bag. You know the one… lunch sized. The type that probably triggers traumatic memories from grade school.

Open the last one. pour in the first three. Microwave.

A few burnt pieces make it.

Oh? You want measurements?

Now leave us to the carbs!

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